Black Friday sales skyrocket for Upstream e-commerce partners using its mobile marketing technology


Mobile messaging campaigns generate 22.5x ROI in five days

London, São Paulo, 08 December 2022Upstream, the global mobile marketing technology specialist, has announced its ecommerce customers generated a 22.5x return-on-investment (ROI) over Black Friday weekend using its mobile marketing automation platform, Grow. The results, from campaigns carried out by 16 ecommerce brands in Brazil, for the period between the day before Black Friday until Cyber Monday 2022 (November 24th to 28th), demonstrate the power and efficiency of mobile messaging in reaching customers during the popular shopping period.

Black Friday Revenue Breakdown Per Day

Black Friday Revenue Breakdown Per Day

The average value of orders made through mobile messaging campaigns using Grow over the Black Friday period was 8% higher than the average value of all orders. Overall, Upstream’s mobile messaging campaigns attributed to over 8% of total customer revenue. Designed to simplify user experiences and maximize engagement with consumers, these strategies can be replicated by brands across the globe and throughout the year to achieve similar success.

Black Friday also proved to be a great opportunity for brands to enhance and build their customer databases. Upstream’s partners were able to collect 8x more client phone numbers for their CRM databases than usual. This was a result of a 4x increased traffic to their e-commerce stores and 2x higher opt in rates, as people were more willing to share their details to learn about new offers.

In addition, the Black Friday period demonstrated the importance of having an established database of customers’ mobile phone numbers to take full advantage of mobile campaigns. Broadcast messages, announcing big discounts, to these customers contributed 25% of the revenues Upstream generated for its partners. When these notifications were combined with World Cup matches, conversion rates increased by 30%.

Cart recovery messaging also showed to be indispensable, being the most effective part of an ecommerce marketing strategy in terms of conversion rate (over 2.2%). In total, they generated the highest average order value at 421 Brazilian reais. Follow-up cart recovery messages also resulted in an even higher conversion rate at 2.6%, in addition to a much higher average order value at 499 Brazilian reais.

“Ε-commerce players can level up their sophistication in mobile marketing automation and make the decision to invest in MarTech. Our experience from the campaigns we run for our customers around the globe, including the very recent ones for the great Black Friday marketing test bed, clearly shows that brands can significantly enhance their customer base, ace their marketing and sales KPIs and increase their revenues. “In an ever-competitive landscape and with consumer spending hit hard by inflation, brands are called to be more creative, daring, and out-there with their marketing approach if they are to strengthen their footing for the future”, said Kostas Kastanis, Deputy CEO of Upstream.

From November 24 until 28, the highest selling day was Black Friday itself (the 25th) with 32% of all the sales taking place that day, while 48% took place during the weekend. However, with people not expecting many more discounts after the weekend, Cyber Monday accounted for only 12% of the total sales.

E-commerce revenues in Brazil during Black Friday fell by 28% compared to 2021 according to Neotrust. As for the highest grossing product categories, these were fashion and accessories, beauty and perfumery, small appliances, beverages and food, as well as home appliances.

For more details you can check Upstream’s Black Friday infographic here.

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Upstream is a leading martech company in the fastest growing markets in the world. Its mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, unique in its kind, combines innovations in marketing automation and data, security from online advertising fraud, and multi-channel digital communication aimed at creating personalized experiences for end consumers. With more than 4,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns, the Upstream team helps its customers, leading brands around the world, communicate more effectively with their customers, increase digital sales and boost their revenue. Upstream solutions address over one billion consumers in more than 30 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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