Webinar: Navigating tax processes with a single source of truth


Register here for ITR and insightsoftware’s webinar on how using a single source of truth can help firms to seize opportunities within tax that they may be missing out on because of fragmented systems.

Is your organisation unable to support strategic decision-making due to disconnected tax systems, manual spreadsheets, or error-prone reporting? Imagine having a single source of truth that aligns tax provisioning, forecasting, country-by-country reporting, operational transfer pricing and pillar two all within a single solution.

Don’t settle for the status quo. In this webinar, you will learn how creating a single source of truth for all your tax processes will provide the following benefits:

  • Help you to confidently understand or defend your tax position;

  • Enable more frequent reporting and more time for strategic, value-added activities;

  • Create synergies in terms of process, technology and people; and

  • Automate tax data transfers from one calculation to the next.

Kathryn Abate, senior product manager at insightsoftware, alongside contributions from Kunal Shah, director at Deloitte, and Assad Rashid, associate director at Deloitte, will explain how these benefits can be achieved.

Register here for the webinar on March 20.

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